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  • The Zeppelin ransomware is a novel ransomware that struck businesses in the dying days of 2019. It is said to be a variant of the notorious Vega lockers ransomware, except that rather than target computers in Russia and Eastern Europe in general, the Zeppelin ransomware seems to have put a lot more emphasis on infecting computer systems in the US and Europe.
  • For validating the zeppelin install, I will just validate the spark interpreter for now. First login into zeppelin web UI using the following URL: Zeppelin UI. NOTE: Use the port you defined for zeppelin.server.port in zeppelin.

Apache Zeppelin provides an URL to display the result only, that page does not include any menus and buttons inside of notebooks. You can easily embed it as an iframe inside of your website in this way. If you want to learn more about this feature, please visit this page. 100% Opensource. Apache Zeppelin is Apache2 Licensed software. Zeppelin Air Recovery Utility is an application that allows you to configure your Zeppelin Air. Also with this app you can perform a factory reset (erasing any assigned network and password) on Zeppelin Air. You will require a USB A-B cable to connect Zeppelin Air to your Mac or PC. Once Zeppelin Wireless is on the network it will be accessible by any Apple device for AirPlay streaming and the Spotify app in iOS, Android™, Mac, and Windows® via Spotify Connect. 3.1.3 Wireless Accessory Configuration Zeppelin Wirless supports Apple Wireless Accessory Configuration (WAC) process. Consult your device.

All in all, after several months of using it, I can strongly recommend the B & W Zeppelin Air. It’s a truly great iPod/iPhone speaker, filling even larger rooms with quite impressive depths and crisp heights. And in contrast to its competitors (e.g. think of the lousy hardware of the otherwise innovative Sonos speakers – what a pity!), you can see, feel and hear its excellent build quality. It’s been engineered by the guys who equip the famous Abbey Road Studios, supply the audio system for Jaguars and invented extravagant speakers like the Nautilus, after all.

The only thing which wasn’t satisfying so far, is the Zeppelin Air’s buggy default (software) implementation of Airplay, i.e. that the Zeppelin Air lost the Wifi connection after a while in stand-by mode. As I finally found out, all that’s needed to fix this is a firmware upgrade to version 2.00.24 [updated 20120930]. At least, my Zeppelin Air hasn’t ever lost its Wifi connection anymore since. So, if you experience Wifi connectivity issues with your Zeppelin Air (likely), don’t hesitate and upgrade the Zeppelin’s firmware now, although it’s somewhat cumbersome (you need a suitable USB cable, e.g. from an external hard drive or printer, as this isn’t included in spite of the Zeppelin’s upmarket price). It’s well worth it!

Zeppelin Air firmware download at Bowers & Wilkins Support.

The Notebook is the place for all your needs

  • Data Ingestion
  • Data Discovery
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Visualization & Collaboration

Multiple Language Backend


Apache Zeppelin interpreter concept allows any language/data-processing-backend to be plugged into Zeppelin.Currently Apache Zeppelin supports many interpreters such as Apache Spark, Python, JDBC, Markdown and Shell.

Adding new language-backend is really simple. Learn how to create a new interpreter.

Apache Spark integration

Especially, Apache Zeppelin provides built-in Apache Spark integration. You don't need to build a separate module, plugin or library for it.

Apache Zeppelin with Spark integration provides

  • Automatic SparkContext and SQLContext injection
  • Runtime jar dependency loading from local filesystem or maven repository. Learn more about dependency loader.
  • Canceling job and displaying its progress

For the further information about Apache Spark in Apache Zeppelin, please see Spark interpreter for Apache Zeppelin.

Apache Zeppelin For Mac

Data visualization

Zeppelin macchiato

Zeppelin Download For Mac

Some basic charts are already included in Apache Zeppelin. Visualizations are not limited to SparkSQL query, any output from any language backend can be recognized and visualized.

Pivot chart

Apache Zeppelin aggregates values and displays them in pivot chart with simple drag and drop. You can easily create chart with multiple aggregated values including sum, count, average, min, max.

Learn more about basic display systems and Angular API(frontend , backend) in Apache Zeppelin.

Zeppelin Machinery

Zeppelin machinery

Dynamic forms

Apache Zeppelin can dynamically create some input forms in your notebook.

Learn more about Dynamic Forms.

Collaborate by sharing your Notebook & Paragraph

Your notebook URL can be shared among collaborators. Then Apache Zeppelin will broadcast any changes in realtime, just like the collaboration in Google docs.

Apache Zeppelin provides an URL to display the result only, that page does not include any menus and buttons inside of notebooks.You can easily embed it as an iframe inside of your website in this way.If you want to learn more about this feature, please visit this page.

Zeppelin Machine Learning

100% Opensource

Zeppelin For Mac

Apache Zeppelin is Apache2 Licensed software. Please check out the source repository and how to contribute.Apache Zeppelin has a very active development community.Join to our Mailing list and report issues on Jira Issue tracker.

Zeppelin For Mac