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Publisher for mac solution Lucidpress offers the power of Microsoft Publisher and more on either a Windows or Apple computer. Enrich text and images with state-of-the-art effects, import photos, and print to nearly any format. You Need OS X 10.10 and Lots of Memory. Office 2016 for Mac requires Mac OS X 10.10 or a later. What Is the Mac Equivalent to Microsoft Publisher? If your business is running a Mac but you need to create brochures, flyers, sales documents and other graphic- and text-heavy documents, you may be at a loss as to which app you should be using. Jun 28, 2020 Microsoft Office Publisher is a program that helps you to create, personalize and distribute professional-quality newsletters, brochures and calendars. You can also create your own publications with the professionally designed Publisher templates and customize the templates to meet your needs.

Office 2011 for Mac contains a publishing program that you can use to create and publish a newspaper, newsletter, or any story-based communication periodical. With Word Publishing Layout view, you can design and create professional-looking publications that can be distributed via e-mail or print. The best part is you don’t need special skills, a different program, or a special file format. Word does it all in standard Word documents with the traditional Word tools you’re used to.

Word includes professionally designed templates that help you with layout. The templates are available in the Word Document Gallery, and include options such as Newsletters, Brochures, Flyers, and Invitations, to name a few. The templates give you a hint at the wide variety of tasks for which Word Publishing Layout view is designed. Because Word Document Gallery is highly interactive and so easy to use, if you want to create a document that falls into any of these categories, take these simple steps:

  1. Choose File→New from Template from the menu bar.

  2. When the Word Document Gallery opens, choose a template.

If you’re an experienced user who wants to start from scratch, open a new, blank document in Publishing Layout view as follows:

  1. Choose File→New from Template from the menu bar.

  2. When the Word Document Gallery opens, under Templates, choose All→Word Publishing Layout.

Notice that the Standard toolbar is different in Word Publishing Layout view. You can’t customize the Standard toolbar in Word Publishing Layout view. You can, however, customize the workspace with the Customize Workspace button in the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the document window.

Text boxes in Word Publishing Layout view are very interactive. Just hover the mouse over the story text boxes, and you’ll notice box numbers appear and disappear as the mouse passes over the text boxes. These numbers tell you that the text boxes are part of a story in which text flows from one text box to another. If you click inside box 1 and start typing, when box 1 fills up, the text continues into box 2, and then into box 3, and so on. If you drag a story text box, you see guides and measurements that appear to help you precisely lay out your publication. Also, notice that different toolbar buttons become active depending upon which story box you click. The first text box and the last text box within a story have different options from text boxes that are between them.

Microsoft Publisher
Initial release1991; 29 years ago
Stable release(s)
Office 3652008 (16.0.13127.20508) / September 22, 2020; 23 days ago[1]
One-time purchase2019 (16.0) / September 24, 2018; 2 years ago[2]
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows
TypeDesktop publishing software

Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publishing application from Microsoft, differing from Microsoft Word in that the emphasis is placed on page layout and design rather than text composition and proofing.


Publisher is included in higher-end editions of Microsoft Office, reflecting Microsoft's emphasis on the application as an easy-to-use and less expensive alternative to the 'heavyweights' with a focus on the small-business market, where firms do not have dedicated design professionals available to make marketing materials and other documents.[3][4] However, it has a relatively small share of the desktop publishing market, which is dominated by Adobe InDesign and formerly by QuarkXPress.[3]

While most Microsoft Office apps adopted ribbons for their user interface starting with Microsoft Office 2007, Publisher retained its toolbars and did not adopt ribbons until Microsoft Office 2010.[5]


LibreOffice has supported Publisher's proprietary file format (.pub) since February 2013.[6]Corel Draw X4 features read-only support.

Publisher supports numerous other file formats, including the Enhanced Metafile (EMF) format, which is supported on Windows platforms. The Microsoft Publisher trial version can be used to view .pub files beyond the trial period.[7][8]

Adobe PageMaker also saved files with a .pub extension, but the two file formats were unrelated and incompatible.

Word Publisher For Mac

Release history[edit]

NameVersion numberRelease date[9]Editions of Microsoft Office included in
Microsoft Publisher1.0Late 1991 (approx.)N/A
Microsoft Publisher2.0Jul 12, 1993N/A
Publisher for Windows 95 (beginning to transition to 32-bit)3.0Aug 24, 1995N/A
Microsoft Publisher 974.0Oct 21, 1996Small Business Edition
Microsoft Publisher 98 (first fully 32-bit)5.0Mar 23, 1998Small Business Edition 2.0
Microsoft Publisher 20006.0Jun 7, 1999Small Business Edition, Professional, Premium, Developer
Microsoft Publisher 200210.0[a]May 31, 2001Professional OEM, Professional Special Edition
Microsoft Office Publisher 200311.0Oct 21, 2003Small Business, Professional, Professional Plus, Enterprise
Microsoft Office Publisher 200712.0Jan 30, 2007Small Business, Professional, Ultimate, Professional Plus, Enterprise
Microsoft Publisher 201014.0[b]Jun 15, 2010Standard, Professional, Professional Plus
Microsoft Publisher 201315.0Jan 29, 2013Professional, Professional Plus, Standard (volume licensing), all Office 365 editions
Microsoft Publisher 201616.0Sep 22, 2015
Microsoft Publisher 2019Sep 24, 2018
  1. ^Starting with Publisher 2002, the version number jumps to 10.0 to tally Microsoft Office versions.
  2. ^Version 13 was skipped due to the superstition attached to the number 13.[10]

See also[edit]

  • Ventura Publisher, the first popular desktop publishing package for IBM PC compatible computers
  • Timeworks Publisher (a major competitor in the marketplace in the early 1990s)


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