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Two installers, one installs the ioquake3 engine, the other installs Quake 3 game data and provides the latest patch pk3 data from id. Both are required to play Quake 3. If the installer fails to copy the Quake 3 data (pak0.pk3) from your cd-rom, you can manually do so to your baseq3 directory after installation. May 07, 2006 Quake III was released for beta testing on Macs only and was released for both Mac and PC at the same time (and on the same disk as I recall, at least my version has both the Mac and PC version on it). The problem with the Mac version is that it is for Mac OS 9.but the Mac OS X version of the application software is downloadable for free. This is Quake II for Mac OS X. This release includes the software and OpenGL renderer plug-ins. Medalla 2018-04-05 0 point. Downloaded to mac OS 10.13.3. Mounted the image Double clicked on Quake Got the following message: “Quake” is damaged and can’t be opened. Download the latest version of Quake III Arena for Mac - 3D first-person shoot-em-up game. Read 51 user reviews of Quake III Arena on MacUpdate.

Mod releases need engine to play, engine can run other mods and does not run darkplaces mod by default. See Quick Guide To The Mod below. All builds of anything include source.

Please read the ReadMe for additional information.

Other files

Beta releases, old versions, and miscellaneous mods I made are in the files directory, this page only lists current versions of darkplaces and some utilities.
You can also find a lot of old fun Quake stuff on idgames2 mirrors, there's a full one over at

Latest stable/official release

DarkPlaces engine Windows/Linux/Mac OpenGL build 20140513 darkplaces executables for Windows (32bit, compatible with Windows XP/Vista x64/7 x64), Linux 686, Linux amd64, and Mac OS X 10.4 or above (Intel/PowerPC), and source code compatible with Windows/MacOSX/Linux/Solaris/FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD
DarkPlaces engine Windows OpenGL build 20140513 darkplaces executables for Windows (32bit, compatible with Windows XP/Vista x64/7 x64), and source code compatible with Windows/MacOSX/Linux/Solaris/FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD
DarkPlaces engine Windows 64 OpenGL build 20140513 darkplaces 64bit executables for Windows Vista/7 x64 only, and source code compatible with Windows/MacOSX/Linux/Solaris/FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD
DarkPlaces mod build 20130301 requires engine and quake data, includes rtlights files for all id1 maps

Latest development autobuild release (updated every 6 hours) if you want to keep up with the latest changes

DarkPlaces engine Windows/Linux/Mac OpenGL build darkplaces executables for Windows (32bit, compatible with Windows XP/Vista x64/7 x64), Linux 686, Linux amd64, and Mac OS X 10.4 or above (Intel/PowerPC), and source code compatible with Windows/MacOSX/Linux/Solaris/FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD
DarkPlaces engine Windows OpenGL build darkplaces executables for Windows (32bit, compatible with Windows XP/Vista x64/7 x64), and source code compatible with Windows/MacOSX/Linux/Solaris/FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD
Torrent quake for mac 3 crackDarkPlaces engine Windows 64 OpenGL build darkplaces 64bit executables for Windows Vista/7 x64 only, and source code compatible with Windows/MacOSX/Linux/Solaris/FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD

Latest development version in the Subversion Repository

Accessing the SVN server can be done with this commandline:
svn co svn:// darkplaces
Alternatively you can put the svn:// address into TortoiseSVN or any other graphical client, you can also use svn:// to get all the utilities as well.

Quake art enhancement projects

Rygel's 2.7GB ultra pack (Rygel's 2.7GB ultra quality texture pack, ready to drop into a quake gamedir such as id1, or grab the 900MB high quality version here which loads much faster and is usable on video cards with less than 1GB video ram.
Quake Retexture/Remodel Project (maintained by Up2nOgOoD[ROCK] as primarily a QuakeWorld content replacement project, difficult to install on DarkPlaces, formerly known as the QE1M1/QE1 project made famous by Tenebrae).
Romi's rtlights file for Quake (rtlights pack for Quake - drop this file in your id1 directory to get improved performance in all id1 maps when using Realtime World Lighting in the options menu)
Romi's rtlights file for Quake mission pack 1 (rtlights pack for Scourge of Armagon - by Ritual Entertainment, formerly known as Hipnotic Entertainment)

Various utilities

hmap2 build 20121222 useful for compiling maps with colored lighting, rotating doors, and lots of other features, check out the readme, extremely high limits (if map really is too complex for quake limits it will write BSP2 format for use in darkplaces)
dpmaster 2.2 DarkPlaces, Quake3, Return To Castle Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, and QFusion master server program written by Mathieu Olivier, supported by the net_inetslist command in darkplaces as well as the menu (lists all servers that have sv_public 1 set, if they are using the master servers you are using), includes windows executable as well as source code which compiles on Linux and BSD.
lmp2pcx build 20070412 converts every .lmp, .mip and .wad file in the current directory to .pcx, .tga, .lmp, and .mip files
lhfire build 20070412 particle effect renderer used for the explosions, plasma shots, and other sprites in the mod, can make .spr, .spr32, and .tga output, read the included scripting info for use
setgamma 1.1 (Windows only) commandline gamma tweaking utility for whatever uses one can imagine, has special support for 3DFX voodoo1/2 addon cards
md3 model tool and makesp2 build 20070412 modeltool is useful for renaming shaders within an md3 model, and changing the flags value to add trail flags like 1 for rocket, 2 for grenade, 4 for gib, 8 for rotating pickup item, etc - for more flags search for EF_ROCKET in protocol.h and read the other values, makesp2 makes a quake2 .sp2 sprite file (which does not include images) given commandline options (does not access the images, the dimensions can be completely different)
.dpm and .md3 model compiler utility for mod developers reads a .txt script listing .smd files to compile into a .dpm model file and .md3 model file, see included documentation for example script and documentation, smd is produced by Half-Life(tm) 1/2 model exporters available for some 3D modeling programs, it is a skeletal model format
.dpm model viewer utility for mod developers displays a .dpm model with texturing, allows you to view animations and rotate the model, but not much else
.tga alpha fixer this program can fix broken tga images written by certain paint programs such as Paint Shop Pro(r), this repairs transparent images that do not appear transparent in darkplaces, and clears unused palette information in truecolor images

Patches for broken mods

bugfixed TargetQuake this is a full version (not a patch) of the famous platform game TargetQuake fixed up to work properly in DarkPlaces engine, many bugs fixed, mostly to do with setmodel being called without setsize
bugfix patch for X-Men: Ravages of Apocalypse this is a bugfix patch for the formerly commercial Quake total conversion X-Men: Ravages of Apocalypse, it fixes many stupid bugs in the qc code, mostly related to setmodel being called without setsize, however it does not magically turn it into a good game :)

Other things LadyHavoc made or worked on

Alien Infestation speedmod from QuakeExpo 2006 a speedmod with a custom map using the models provided in the speedmod theme, alien eggs (which spawn even in deathmatch) on the ceiling drop facehugger-like critters, and also watch out for the security droids
.dlit files for id1 maps this pk3 allows you to use bumpmapped/glossmapped wall textures without turning on realtime world lighting, requires OpenGL Shading Language capable card, such as GeForceFX 5200 or above or Radeon 9500 or above, note: this pack does not have colored lighting, it is simply hmap2 -relight done on each map
quake 1.06 qc source this is just the quake 1.06 qc source, a decent starting point for making new mods, simply unzip to quake/mymod/qc/ and edit to taste, use frikqcc or fteqcc to compile the code, you can find those with a web search
quake 1.06 qc source without singleplayer same as the above source in every way except lacking monster code and everything associated with it, preserves all features in deathmatch, this may be a better starting point for multiplayer-only mods
Quake Deathmatch Revelation experimental deathmatch mod this is an experimental mod testing out some modifications to standard Quake deathmatch: ammo, health, and armor regenerate, you hear a noise when you do damage to another player, explosions have a larger splash radius but do less damage for splash, no items spawn, and the weapons are rebalanced to be more equal to eachother
Rocket Symphony experimental deathmatch mod from QuakeExpo 2004 this mod is played from an overhead perspective and replaces all the quake weapons with various forms of rocket launcher, firing in many different shot patterns, including spiral attacks, it is inspired by the boss battles in the vertical shooter game Ikaruga(r), and is meant to simulate dueling bosses, but it needs a very wide open map with a large flat floor, dpdm2 sort of works for this purpose, but I'd appreciate if someone made a better map for this mod
Nexuiz completely open source online deathmatch game using the DarkPlaces engine, does not require Quake

Maps (some included in darkplaces mod, but are playable without it)

dpdm1 a very small and brutal deathmatch map.
dpdm2 a very large in-progress deathmatch map.
LadyHavoc's old maps a collection of old maps (not DarkPlaces related) by LadyHavoc: ctfgold8 lhca1 lhdm4 metlhell rampcity
entitytest.bsp test map testing map created years ago to test a report of darkplaces crashing when too many nailgun models were on screen, never found the crash, but this is kind of an interesting test map as it has a moving sky brush which gives most engines a heartattack, and demonstrates large colored flashing lights, warning: there's a lone fiend in this map in singleplayer
cavetest2.bsp testing map created years ago to push the limits of the q1bsp nearly to the point of breaking, crashes most engines at load, runs poorly, has over 26000 surfaces and over 10000 leafs in a single room, and it is fully vised (which actually didn't take that long) and lit, but barely playable, warning: in singleplayer this is nearly packed wall to wall with monsters, plays better in deathmatch

Example stuff for engine and mod developers

sv_user.qc for mod developers direct port of player physics code from engine to QC (this code is called by darkplaces engine if found, allowing great flexibility), highly optimized and more readable, no behavior changes, modify this for your own mods and enjoy
.lit colored lighting data support tutorial for engine coders all changes commented with LadyHavoc, changes engine to use RGB colored lighting internally, supports static (.lit) colored lighting and dynamic, models are properly lit in color as well
particle font texture for mod developers example image to start with when customizing particle textures, be sure to keep directories when extracting to your mod directory

Quick Guide To dpmod

darkplaces -game dpmod
You can change video modes and quality settings using the options menus
Note: Video settings are saved to config per -game.
To play the mod either start a singleplayer game and play through normal quake levels, or try these examples:
dpdm2 with deathmatch 7 (monsters in deathmatch) example to type in the console:
deathmatch 7
map dpdm2
Multiplayer connections work through NAT routers, to host a server behind NAT, please set your NAT router to forward port 26000 UDP to your machine, and everyone should be able to connect to your server then, also use sv_public 1 if you want it to show up on the server browser (LAN searching is not implemented yet).
How to play against bots in multiplayer:
deathmatch 1
map dpdm1
bots 3

The bots work in any simple quake map (they don't understand liquids, doors, lifts, etc) as long as there are enough item spawn points to navigate by, or if the map has waypoints.
Since people don't seem to read the ingame instructions (dphelp in console), +button3 is the altfire on weapons, +button4 is zoom, +button5 is grapple in deathmatch.
Cvars in dpmod (all of these take effect immediately):
bots [number]
adds bots to the game, set back to 0 to remove them.
spawnmonsters [number]
creates the specified number of monsters in multiplayer game modes (useful for CTF with monsters thrown in the mix, or you can play deathmatch 7 instead). (note: won't take effect during a level if it was 0 when the level began, as the monsters aren't loaded)
damagescale_playerdamage [number]
multiplies damage done by players, so for example 0.5 would be half damage, and 4 would be quad damage.
damagescale_monsterdamage [number]
multiplies damage done by monsters, so for example 0.5 would be half damage, and 4 would be quad damage.
damagescale_monsterhealth [number]
multiplies health of monsters, so for example 0.5 would be half health, and 4 would be quad health. (fun for coop or just a harder deathmatch 7)

Parts of DarkPlaces mod that were made by Tomaz (thanks Tomaz!)

Shell casing model and other casings
Weapon models updated (offset to side and muzzleflash removed)

Parts of DarkPlaces mod that were 'scavenged' from other mods

Visible weapon player models from Quake Done Quicker (which took them from Deathmatch Essentials)
Flag model from Threewave CTF (what's Capture The Flag without the authentic Threewave flags?)
Plasma gun sounds from Nelno's Plasma Gun mod (although he ripped them from DOOM, of course)
Burning sounds (sound/fire/launch.wav and sound/fire/burn.wav - ripped from Ultimate Quake, launch.wav is not currently used)

Torrent Quake For Mac 3 Download

Flag pickup and capture sounds from Threewave CTF
Foot step sounds from Quake: Scourge of Armagon (mission pack 1, not used in it however... I doubt Ritual Entertainment minds me using them)
Of course, if anyone of the above mentioned mod teams or companies wishs me to remove something, I will immediately remove it and try to find a replacement.
Download quake for mac

Torrent Quake For Mac 3 Torrent

All other parts are either scavenged (and modified) from the classic quake files, or are completely my own work.

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