System Sounds For Mac

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What’s New
-Version 1.4 includes the sound Moof (the call of the long lost Mac mascot – Clarus the Dogcow).
-WAV files are included for use under other Unix-based OSes (including Linux and BSD) or Windows
(installation instructions for other OSes are not included)
-This read me now also includes a step-by-step which should allow you to convert other sounds on your own.

Step-by-Step File Conversion for MacOS Classic Sounds
(will work for most sounds, but not all)
1. Download SoundApp PPC from
2. Open SoundApp in Classic mode and choose CONVERT from the menu
3. Convert the file to AIF
4. Quit SoundApp PPC
5. Rename the file to end .aiff
6. Install as instructed below


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  1. Hello, How do I share system audio in a Teams meeting? I attempted to share a video in a meeting and I shared my window but did not see an option to 'share system audio.' The other members of hte meeting could see the video but had no audio. I am on a Mac Book, OS Mojave.
  2. To switch off System Sounds, open up System Preferences and click on Sound. Under the sound effects tab look at the bottom of the screen. The volume slider controls how loud a sound effect will come out. If you move the slider, Alert Volume, all of the way down to the bottom it will turn off all of the alert sounds.

Mac Sound Setting

NOTE: is provided for you to practice with

MacOSX Installation
To install for a single user, place these sounds in the following folder:

Mac Audio Settings


To install globally, place these sounds in the following folder:
/System/Library/Sounds/ [requires root permission]



System Sounds For Mac Computers

Create the following folder:

Once they are in that folder, they will show up as System Sound choices in the Sound Control Panel

Included Sounds:
-single clip
-uh oh
-wild eep

*Bip is not actually a sound file. It calls to hardware to make a noise using a simple sound command. So far, OSX refuses to use it as a System Sound, but it will work as an alert in other Apps (i.e. Mail).

**NewBip is a recording of Bip using wiretap. the original Bip is still included to be true to the original intention of the Classic Sound Pack (after all, it is possible that hardware beeps on different machines may sound different).

No Sound Macbook Pro

Special Thanks
I would like to thank Karl Laurent and Ginger Lindsey for help in locating and converting some of these sounds.