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What is StuffIt Deluxe 1.5.x - 8.x? StuffIt was the most versatile and used compression suite on the Mac since 1987. It began as shareware and then it went commercial but StuffIt Expander (the decompression tool) always remained free and was even bundled by Apple on Mac OS release CD-ROM's starting from the mid-90's, coinciding with the popularity of the internet in homes. StuffIt for Mac. Found 63 file extension associations related to StuffIt for Mac and 14 file formats developed specifically for use with StuffIt for Mac. Platform, operating system: Apple macOS / Mac OS X. Go to: StuffIt for Mac description. StuffIt for Mac website. Developer: Smith Micro Software, Inc. Smith Micro Software software list & details. StuffIt Expander is a file compression and expansion utility that can handle a number of different file archive formats. It's a free app available from the App Store and several other Web sites. ‎.Thank you for your interest in StuffIt Expander™, should you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us through the support button on the right. StuffIt Expander™ - Always Free! Uncompress Zip archives, access StuffIt files, decompress tar, gzip and bzip archives, and more.

Look inside & edit archives without expanding

Archive Manager allows you to browse the contents of StuffIt, Zip, Tar, and RAR archives, including encoded archives, and compressed Tar archives (tarballs). And it allows you to modify the contents of Zip and StuffIt archives. By default, when you double-click on one of the supported archive types in the Finder, Archive Manager will open a browse window and display the contents of that archive. You can also open an archive to browse its contents by dragging and dropping onto the Archive Manager icon on your Dock.

Stuff It For Mac

You can even edit StuffIt and Zip archives WITHOUT expanding, as well as:

  • Quickly browse archive contents
  • Add files to an existing archive
  • Extract single files from an archive
  • Rename items in an archive
  • Delete items from an archive

When you browse the contents of an archive in Archive Manager the folder structure of the archive is represented hierarchically. By default, the window will contain all the items located in root (or top level) folder of the archive. To view the contents of a top level folder, simply click the disclosure triangle next to its name. The contents of the folder will be displayed underneath the folder icon, indented slightly to the right.

In addition to browsing the contents of archives, the Archive Manager application allows you to extract individual files or folders, or a selection of files and folders, from the archive without having to expand the archive in its entirety. Use the Toolbar to select and expand a single file, or the Menu actions, or simply right-click on the file and choose to expand it, or even drag and drop it to the Finder - all four methods are used throughout Archive Manager. Pick whichever is most convenient for you.

Add Comments to your StuffIt Archives

You can use comments to note information about the contents of the archive, or to give directions to a recipient of the archive. When expanded, the comments will be saved as a separate text file. Just click the 'Comment' button in the lower left corner of the archive window.

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StuffIt Latest Version

StuffIt 9.0

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13.97 MB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

StuffIt Popular Version

StuffIt 9.0

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13.97 MB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

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Software VersionRelease DateSize
StuffIt 5.5Add info4.04 MB
StuffIt 7.0Add info5.48 MB
StuffIt 7.5Add info4.06 MB
StuffIt 8.0Add info8.24 MB
StuffIt 8.0.1Add info8.31 MB
StuffIt 8.5Add info11.71 MB
StuffIt 9.0Add info13.97 MB

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StuffIt Description

StuffIt is a family of software utilities for archiving and compressing files on the Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms: it was originally produced for the Macintosh and remains common on that platform. The proprietary compression format used by the StuffIt utilities is also termed StuffIt.
StuffIt was originally developed in the summer of 1987 by Raymond Lau, a high school student at Stuyvesant High School in New York City. It combined the fork-combining capabilities of utilities such as MacBinary with newer compression algorithms similar to those used in ZIP. Compared to existing utilities on the Mac, notably PackIt, StuffIt offered 'one step' operation and compression ratios that could not be matched. By the fall of 1987 StuffIt had largely replaced PackIt in the Mac world, with many software sites even going so far as to convert over existing PackIt archives to save more space.
StuffIt soon became very popular and Aladdin Systems was formed to market it (the last shareware release by Lau was version 1.5.1). They split the product line in two, offering StuffIt Classic in shareware and StuffIt Deluxe as a commercial package. Deluxe added a variety of additional functions, including additional compression methods and integration into the Mac Finder to allow files to be compressed from a 'Magic Menu' without opening StuffIt itself.
Features Include

  • Create .zip, .sitx, .sit and .tar archives
  • Search for files within Zips and StuffIt archives by name, date, and more
  • Archive photos and files directly to FTP
  • One-click compress and email
  • Automatic preview thumbnail galleries of your images
The versions provided below are of StuffIt Classic.

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Stuffit Mac Os X 10.6.8 Free

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