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I tested the images in Photoshop and everything lines up perfect, but in max the seems show up. I also just applied a 100% self illumination to the 6 textures that make up the cube and it works fine when using max's default lights. When I insert a sunlight/skylight, the cube skybox is completely black but the terrain I created is lit okay. SkyBox Studio brings 360/VR production into After Effects, Mac and WIN. New for version 2: Work with Mono or Stereo (over/under) footage. View-based Edit lets you work with 360 footage in a familiar way. Correct your horizon, add text and graphics, remove a camera rig, and more.

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In this tutorial we will look at how to make an effective skybox in 3DS Max.

First of all we will need to create a texture to place on our skybox, so first things first we will need to find a sky texture on google etc. When looking for the textur ei used i looked for an image that was quite wide and also had a lot of patchy clouds rather than clouds that all merged together, this is because when we edit it next we will want to get rid of all the clouds at the top of the image.

To get rid of the clouds at the top of the image you will need to use a combination of the spot healing brush tool and the clone tool, you will want to aim for an image similar to the image below.

Skybox Mac

With this image we now want to create the effect of it being spherical rather than it being a flat square, to this we want to go Filter->Distort->Polar Coordinates, As you see when you apply this filter the image will turn into something similar to the image below.

As you can see the sides of the image have been joined to make a spherical effect, however the sides of the image dont match, to fix this we will again use the clone tool and the spot healing brush tool, the image below shows my final version.

Now we have our texture we want to move into 3DS Max, firstly create a sphere, convert it onto an editable poly and select the polygons on the bottom half of the sphere, then delete them, the image below demonstarates the process.

Once we have this half sphere we need to go to the modifier list and apply the normal modifier, the normal modifier swaps the object’s visibility so that the inside of the sphere is visible rather than the outside, if you look at the inside of the sphere before the modifier is applied you will notice that you can see through it, once the modifier is added you will be able to see through the sphere when looking at it from the outside, this is great for creating a skybox as we want the inside of the sphere to mimic who the sky looks.

Collapse the modifier and open up your sky texture within the materials window, drag and drop the texture onto the skybox an you will notice that the image doesnt fit on the skybox properly, the texture will be stretched and look wrong, something like the image below.

Skybox Software

Lastly we need to use the UVW Map tool to map the texture correctly to the sphere, it should map correctly just by selecting the UVW Map tool, if not play with the presets and try to find something that fits slightly better, the image below is the final result and gives us a realistic skybox to place over scenes.