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Classic Mac serial number decoding is a work in progress but should return a date at least. You can link direct to results (e.g. In eBay listings) by copying the URL and pasting it into your listing, post or email. Apple serial numbers are 10 to 15 characters long (letters and numbers) and don't contain any spaces, dots, hyphens or slashes.

How to Determine the Serial Number. Find the serial number of your Apple laptop or desktop. Click the Apple icon in the top left corner of screen and select About This Mac. Within the 'About This Mac' window, click on the 'Version' line twice to display the Serial Number. Mac & Apple Devices -'s Ultimate Mac Lookup. Lookup Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and other Apple devices by Apple Order Number, Model Number, EMC Number, Model Identifier, and Serial Number as well as Intel processor number to check its specs and other details. Mac mini (2018) Model Identifier: Macmini8,1. Part Numbers: MRTR2xx/A, MRTT2xx/A.

There is not typically a mapping between mac addresses to IP addresses. But if you flip the question around, can I get a mac address based on a specific IP address then yes. If the two devices are on the same subnet, just ping the host and then look at the output of the command arp -a You could combine a ping sweep with outputs of arp -a >>mactable.txt to get an association. Understand this is the bruit force way to go about it with only having windows. You could also run an nmap (zenmap) scan of a subnet range, mac address is one of the reported values of the scan.

[edit] Rereading the question I totally missed the topic of the question. The above is of no use. What serial numbers are you referring to? Is it the serial of the motherboard/chassis or are you asking for software licensing based on the mac address? Spiceworks is a great tool. You could probably write a powershell script to grab the computer name and serial number and then use the computer name to grab the mac address. I'm not a powershell person but I found these code snippets that will get you started.

And this to get the mac address

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