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If you want to participate and test running SCARM on Mac, do the following: 1. Regenerate your patience – you will need it 2. Read the Mac OS X wiki on WINE homepage. Read Installing Wine on Mac OS X by David Baumgold – detailed guide about installing WINE and using Windows. SCARM Approaches v.1.0 Milestone SCARM v. 1.0 Milestone released Phasing out of the old beta versions of SCARM Resolving License Activation and Installation Issues. All users who donated to SCARM or were purchased MTS PE license prior to release of the SCARM 1.0.0 will receive FREE License Key for the new version of the. Simple Computer Aided Railway Modeller. SCARM means Simple Computer Aided Railway Modeller – software for easy and precise design of model train layouts and railroad track plans. With SCARM you can easily create the layout of your dreams. Just download the setup package, install it and start editing your first track plan. Freeware Microsoft Windows program for designing model railroad layouts using.


    2D Editor

    Track and Object Libraries

    Layout Shape and Size

    Working with Tracks

    Adjusting Track Heights

    Adding Trackside Items and Facilities

    Import and Export

    Printing of the Track plan and Parts list

    Installation and Setup

    Program's Settings

    Program's Extensions


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