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I recommend you develop on OSX and deploy to Linux. First, Rails relies heavily on console commands. These are Unix-based. And since OSX is a sleek GUI for Unix, it's a perfect fit. These commands are just more 'comfortable'. Ruby on Rails is a great language, and framework, for creating highly interactive websites. Discover how to set up Rails, and program in Ruby on your Apple Mac.

We recommend Ruby 2.2 or newer for use with Rails. Rails requires Ruby 1.9.3 or newer.

Source: Compile it yourself
Windows installer: Ruby, popular extensions, editor
OS X 10.5+: Included with developer tools
(then do gem update rails)

We recommend managing your Ruby installation through rbenv. It’s an easy way to run multiple versions for different applications and update when a new release is made.

With Ruby installed, you can install all of Rails and its dependencies through RubyGems on the command line:

New versions of Rails can be installed the same way.

Create your application skeleton and start the server:

You’re running Ruby on Rails! Follow the instructions on http://localhost:3000.

Ruby On Rails For Machine Learning

TextMate on OS X has long been the favored Rails editor, but the classic editors are still going strong. See VIM for Rails and Emacs for Rails. For a full-on IDE, check out JetBrains RubyMine.

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Learn to install all of the software necessary for developing projects in Ruby on Rails, the popular web application framework. This course is designed for developers and other users who want to install and configure Ruby on Rails 5 on their Mac. Kevin Skoglund shows how to use Unix to set up a complete development environment, including Xcode, Homebrew (an open-source software package manager), Ruby, RubyGems, and MySQL. Learn how to select an appropriate text editor and get started creating and launching new Ruby on Rails projects.


  • Kevin Skoglund builds custom web solutions at Nova Fabrica and teaches web development at LinkedIn Learning.
    Kevin Skoglund is the founder of Nova Fabrica, a web development agency specialized in delivering custom, scalable solutions using Ruby on Rails, PHP, SQL, and related technologies. Nova Fabrica clients include An Event Apart, Atlas Carpet Mills, Consulate Film, Gregorius Pineo, Maharam, Oakley, and The Bold Italic. Kevin is a author with over 15 years of teaching and web development experience.

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- [Kevin] Welcome to Installing Ruby on Rails 5 on Macintosh. My name is Kevin Skoglund. In this tutorial, we will learn to install Ruby on Rails, the popular, open source web development framework. This course is designed to get everything set up, so that you can either start building projects with Ruby on Rails, or continue learning with other Ruby on Rails courses, such as Ruby on Rails Essential Training. In this course, we will learn to use the UNIX command line to make configuration changes, install Ruby on Rails, MySQL, and all of the supporting software that's required, and discuss the web server and text editor options that we can choose. Let's get started installing Ruby on Rails.

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