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Cupertino, California and Espoo, Finland — Nokia and Apple announced today that they have settled all litigation related to their intellectual property dispute and agreed a multi-year patent license.
“This is a meaningful agreement between Nokia and Apple,” said Maria Varsellona, Chief Legal Officer at Nokia, responsible for Nokia’s patent licensing business. “It moves our relationship with Apple from being adversaries in court to business partners working for the benefit of our customers.”
Under a business collaboration agreement, Nokia will be providing certain network infrastructure product and services to Apple. Apple will resume carrying Nokia digital health products (formerly under the Withings brand) in Apple retail and online stores, and Apple and Nokia are exploring future collaboration in digital health initiatives. Regular summits between top Nokia and Apple executives will ensure that the relationship works effectively and to the benefit of both parties and their customers.
“We are pleased with this resolution of our dispute and we look forward to expanding our business relationship with Nokia,” said Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer.
“This agreement will strengthen our collaboration,” said Basil Alwan, President of Nokia’s IP/Optical Networks business. “We look forward to supporting Apple.”
While details of the agreement remain confidential, Nokia will receive an up-front cash payment from Apple, with additional revenues during the term of the agreement.

Aug 09, 2010 Apple had less than 30%, while Android-based phones (Google) were catching up fast. In the second quarter of 2010, Nokia held onto 33% of the mobile phone market. In the smartphone market, Nokia sold 24 million such devices, up 42% from a year earlier. Oct 03, 2020 Apple has said very little publicly about the project, other than to confirm a rough timescale at WWDC 2020, and to issue mac Mini styled ARM-powered 'Developer Transition Kits’ presumably under.

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  • Nokia and Apple have settled their fierce patent battle, with both companies agreeing to drop all charges against the other in exchange for Apple paying royalties to license Nokia’s technologies.
The value of the agreement will be reflected partially as patent licensing net sales in Nokia Technologies and partially as net sales in other Nokia business groups. Nokia will follow its existing practices for disclosing patent licensing revenue in its quarterly announcements and expects that revenues for the agreement will start to be recognized in the second quarter of 2017, including an element of non-recurring catch-up revenue.
Due to the up-front cash payment from Apple, Nokia intends to provide a comprehensive update of its capital structure optimization program in conjunction with its third quarter 2017 results.
Apple revolutionized personal technology with the introduction of the Macintosh in 1984. Today, Apple leads the world in innovation with iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV. Apple’s four software platforms — iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS — provide seamless experiences across all Apple devices and empower people with breakthrough services including the App Store, Apple Music, Apple Pay and iCloud. Apple’s more than 100,000 employees are dedicated to making the best products on earth, and to leaving the world better than we found it.

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Nokia For Mac Apple Carplay

It’s easy to think of a Nokia Lumia as the perfect companion for your Windows 8 PC. However, switching to a Windows Phone doesn’t mean you have to give up on Apple and OS X. Quite the opposite, in fact…


From iTunes and iPhoto to Apple Mail, it can all be synced and transferred quite simply.

Before you do anything else, you’ll need to download and install Windows Phone App for Mac. It’s a great utility that allows your Lumia to talk to your Mac, offering a variety of software syncing options, which we’ll delve into, and the ability to browse your Lumia for individual files.

Talking to iTunes

From within the Windows Phone App, click the ‘Music’ icon. You’ll now see tick-box options to sync specific playlists, genres and artists from your iTunes library. Click the arrow next to each artist to see and select individual albums. After selecting what you want to be copied to your Lumia, click Sync and your music will appear in your Lumia’s Music folder.

To sync your entire iTunes library to your Lumia in two clicks, simply tap the ‘Select all music’ box at the top of the page and then ‘Sync’. It really is as simple as that.

Transferring movies, TV shows and Podcasts are just as easy. Just select and sync. Bear in mind that DRM –protected iTunes content won’t show up as it can’t be played on the Lumia.

Nokia For Mac AppleNokia For Mac Apple

You can also send ringtones to your Lumia from your iTunes music library. Just click on ‘Ringtones’, select the track you want and ‘Send to Phone’. It’ll appear in your available Ringtones list when you disconnect the phone.

Syncing with iPhoto

Getting your iPhoto collection onto your Lumia is a similarly stress-free process. Click ‘Photos & Videos’ to see your shots arranged into Events, Albums and Faces. Just like syncing music, choose what you want to transfer and click Sync. To shift everything, tick the ‘Select all Photos’ and ‘Include Videos’ boxes.

If you want to find specific photographs, click ‘Browse device’ from the menu on the left to be presented with a list of your videos and photos. Although everything’s listed by the cumbersome filename format, you are given some clue as to its contents via the Album field, which will tell you where on your Lumia the photo is saved. You can also preview images and videos. To transfer these from your Lumia to iPhoto, just select single or multiple photographs and then ‘Import Selected Items’.

Nokia For Mac Apple

Nokia Photo Transfer

For more comprehensive photo-syncing options, use Nokia Photo Transfer. Here you’ll find more choice with where you can import and export photographs to, with the additional ability to browse and pick destination folders.

Load the app, connect your Lumia to the Mac and scanning will commence. The more photos you have, the longer it will take. Then, highlight your desired photos on your phone and click ‘Import’ to transfer them to your Mac. If you want to move them to a specific folder – such as your iPhoto collection, or a Favourites folder, or anywhere else – click the drop down menu on the right, and highlight the correct folder. Check out our full guide to .

Mail me

If you’ve got a Mac, there’s a good chance you’ve got an iCloud email account.

Unlike Gmail and Hotmail, iCloud doesn’t appear on the list of supported email providers for your Nokia Lumia. However, Nokia offers everything you need to get started in seconds. Open the Settings page and tap ‘Email and Account’, followed by ‘Add an account’. Scroll down, and press ‘Other account’.

Nokia For Mac Apple App Store

Enter your iCloud username and password and tap ‘Sign in’. Your email should be set up and a Live Tile will be automatically added to your Start Screen.

Nokia for mac apple app store

Nokia For Mac Apple Refurbished

Do you have any other Lumia-on-Mac tips? Let us know in the comments below