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  • MMArchive v1.3.1
  • Def Tool v3.4.2

Map Editor Patch v3.3

Map Editor Patch makes new features (new monsters, artifacts etc.) fully-functional in Map Editor and adds new functionality like editing objects' appearance, copying a part of map from one place to another, events binding etc.

Heroes Of Might And Magic - In The Wake of Gods (WoG) is an expansion pack to the Heroes of Might and Magic III Shadow of Death game. Heroes of Might and Magic® III: Horn of The Abyss. Helmet Heroes is a free to play MMORPG game designed for Windows PCs and Mac. Helmet Heroes is a free to play MMORPG game designed for Windows PCs and Mac. CloudRiderX spent a lot of time with the popular Heroes of Might and Magic III mod, In the Wake of Gods. He created a new page for all the new neutral creatures that were introduced since 2001. The page includes stats, abilities and some tips, but it's worth a look if only to see what the WoG team came up with a little hacking and image editing, and no access to the source code.

English version
Russian version
  1. Included within the file are Roman, Chinese and objects from Heroes IV and many other well known games. This zip file contains the 1.09.wog file, instructions and the WoG Map Editor, which is in.rar format. Just put the.wog file in the WoG Update folder and then select the Update button. A clean WoG install is recommended before updating.
  2. Welcome to the Heroes of Might and Magic 3 page. This page contains information + tools how to port Heroes of Might & Magic 3 in a few simple steps (that even a noob can understand) so you can play it on your Mac just like a normal application using Crossover.So if you haven’t Crossover yet, then sign up here and buy the program or if you want to test it first, for the 14 days trial.
  3. This is the In the Wake of Gods (WoG) modifications for the Heroes of Might and Magic III shadow of Death game. This is a logical sequel from Heroes III world to Heroes IV. All previous stories (ER, AB and SoD) are behind and you have to make only last step to leave Erathia and come to new world in Heroes IV. WoG version: 353, ERM version: 220.

Map Editor Help v1.2

Updated Map Editor help containing information about things added in WoG.
English version
Russian version


Lets you run Heroes 3 in windowed mode under any color depth set in screen properties. It can be installed on any Heroes 3 version, including Heroes Chronicles.
(c) Bourn and me

Darker Interface Colors

I never liked the way Heroes 3 interface looks due to player colors not fitting in the interface. Extract this little archive into your Data directory and the interface will look much better.

New Battle Grids

Choose the one you like and put it into the Data directory. I recommend the third one.

Synchronized Creatures Sounds

Some creatures produce sound in the wrong moment. Like, when Air Elementals are hit, first comes animation and then they produce the sound. This fixes them. Extract into the game folder.
Fully-featured M&M and Heroes 3 archives editor. Supports all archive types except '.hwl'.

Lod Favorites

Favorites for h3sprites.lod and h3bitmaps.lod with categorized list of files, currently only available in Russian. Made by Black Phantom, with my edits.

LodCompare v1.3.1

Obsolete, fully incorporated into MMArchive. Lets you compare two lod/vid/snd archives and see which files have changed. Lets you create a new archive containing only those files. Thus you can minimize size of a mod by distributing only this archive as a custom LOD to be loaded by my patch or by merging it with user's archive using LodMerge.Source code (Delphi 2006)

LodMerge v1.1.1

Lets you merge two lod/vid/snd archives together. Source code (Delphi 2006)

SimpleLod v1.3

A simple way to add files into .lod archives of Heroes 3. Source code (Delphi 2006)
Shows .def files, lets you extract frames and make a def-list for Def Tool.Wog
Lets you create .def files. It can also help with editing interface pictures.

Def Tool v2.1.1

Old version of Def Tool. Combine and Uncombine buttons can be useful. It can help you prepare palette for def frames with better quality.
HeroesTxt tables editor for Heroes 3 and M&M.

Heroes Wog For Mac

RSBinkPlayer v1.2.5

Convenient .bik and .smk player. Can show Heroes 3 videos.

Fnt Editor

An old program for editing Heroes 3 and M&M fonts.

Dialogs Editor for !!DL reciever

!!DL reciever lets you create custom dialogs for WoG TE / Era / 3.59. No help, sorry. The development has been discontinued. New version may eventually come out, but only for new dialogs system of WoG 3.59.

Portraits Manager

Lets you change heroes portraits easily.

Mon Power

Calculates strength of monsters. The output values somewhat resemble AI Value and Fight Value. Only accounts for basic parameters (ignores Speed, shooting etc.)Heroes
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  1. Heroes of Might and Magic IV
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Description of Heroes of Might and Magic IV Mac

Heroes of Might and Magic IV (aka 魔法门之英雄无敌4, 魔法門英雄無敵四 (主程式 ), Герои Меча и Магии IV, HOMM4) is a video game published in 2002 on Mac by 3DO Company, The. It's a strategy game, set in a fantasy, turn-based and rpg elements themes.

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D-PACK2017-03-16-3 points

How to install it?

herro2017-01-20-6 points

'PowerPc applications are no longer supported'/
Im on El Capitan/ Does this mean i cant run it?

Donald Trump2016-08-23-5 points

Won't let me build walls :(

thaibinh2016-06-031 point


i can't get a set up file. so can't play anymore

hany2016-05-02-1 point

it's very interesting game

Ary21122015-12-11-2 points

I got this by the gog, great game! For me is the best one. I know the most of people think the 3 is the best... but for me is this!

socolagaubt2015-10-292 points

Heroes Wog For Macro

tôi rất thích heroes of might and magic iv

KO2015-06-28-1 point Mac version


sende2015-05-17-3 points Mac version

Heroes Wog For Mac Os

not working:(((((

dakr blazer2015-02-06-13 points Mac version

I hope this goddamn download works or I will get really fucking mad and beat someone up like my dad always do :(

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