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Install Golang with Homebrew:

When installed, try to run go version to see the installed version of Go.

Downloading a folder is easy to do, and is the same process whether you're using a PC or Mac computer. Open up Google Drive on your computer and sign into your Google account.

Setup the workspace:

  1. Using the Go Menu in Mac OS X Remember the transporter from Star Trek? Step on the little platform, assume a brave pose, and whoosh! — you’re transported instantaneously to another ship or (more likely) to a badly designed planet exterior built inside a soundstage.
  2. Easily create surveys and polls to collect customer feedback, measure employee satisfaction, and organize team events. Quickly create quizzes to measure student knowledge, evaluate class progress, and focus on subjects that need improvement. Microsoft Forms automatically provides charts to visualize your data as you collect responses in real time.

Add Environment variables:

Go has a different approach of managing code, you'll need to create a single Workspace for all your Go projects. For more information consult : How to write Go Code

First, you'll need to tell Go the location of your workspace.

We'll add some environment variables into shell config. One of does files located at your home directory bash_profile, bashrc or .zshrc (for Oh My Zsh Army)

Then add those lines to export the required variables


Create your workspace:

Create the workspace directories tree:

Hello world time!

Create a file in your $GOPATH/src, in my case hello.go Hello world program :

Run your first Go program by executing:

Form To Go For Mac

Form To Go For Macbook Pro

You'll see a sweet hello, world stdout

If you wish to compile it and move it to $GOPATH/bin, then run:

Since we have $GOPATH/bin added to our $PATH, you can run your program from placement :

Prints : hello, world

Some References and utilities:

Import a Go package:

You can create Go package, as well importing shared ones. To do so you'll need to use go get command

The command above should import Go package into this directory $GOPATH/src/

You can then use this package in your Go programs by importing it. Example:

Format your Go code

Go has a tool that automatically formats Go source code.


Godoc : The documentation tool

Using the godoc command, you can generate a program documentation.

You need to respect some spec in order to document using godoc. You can read more about : godoc Documenting Go code

Discovering more the language:

The following interactive tutorial will let you discover Golang world : A tour of Go


2020-10-16 15:49:36 • Filed to: MS Word Features • Proven solutions

Dou you want to create a form in Word and don't know how to start? Here, you will learn how to do this in 6 easy steps. Creating forms in Word, which can be filled out by others, requires that you begin with a template. Then add content controls. These contain things such as text boxes, check boxes, drop-down lists as well as date pickers. The tips are given below on how to create a form in Word only apply to the 2016 and 2013 versions of the software.

Part 1: How to Create a Form in Word
Part 2: Advantages of PDF Format
Part 3: How to Create a Form in PDF Documents

How to Create a Form in Word

Below, we will do a walkthrough with you on creating a form in Word that can be filled out by others:

Step 1: Display the 'Developer' Section

  • Go into the 'File' tab; then click 'Options.'
  • Now, select 'Customize Ribbon.' And go to the list under 'Main Tabs,' choose the 'Developer' checkbox, and click 'OK.'

Step 2: Create a Form Template

To avoid wasting time, you should start with a form template and ensure you begin this step with a blank template.

A Form Template: Your Starting Point

  • Go into the 'File' section and click 'New.'
  • You will see the 'Search online templates' box; here, input the form type you want to create; then click 'ENTER.'
  • Select your desired form template and press 'Create.'

To Start With a Blank Template:

  • Go into the 'File' tab and click 'New.'
  • Press the 'Blank document.'

Step 3: Add Content to This Form

  • Go into the 'Developer' section and click 'Design Mode.'
  • You should then insert your desired controls.

Form To Go For Macbook Air

It would be best if you inputted a text control in a section in which users can enter text.

Users can format text as italic or bold under a rich text content control; also, they can type multiple paragraphs. If you prefer to limit what users add, you need to input (or better still, insert) the plain text content control.

  • Click the part in which you want to insert this control.
  • Go into the 'Developer' section and then select 'Plain Text Content Control,' or 'Rich Text Content Control.'

Step 4: Set Properties for Content Controls

There are properties you can set/change for all content controls.

  • Select the content control (picture, date picker, etc.), which you intend changing.
  • Go into the 'Developer' section, click 'Properties' to select the properties as you want.

Step 5: Include Instructional Text to Your Form

Do these to customize the default instructional text for users of the form:

  • Go into the 'Developer' section and select 'Design Mode.'
  • Click the content control in which you intend to modify the placeholder instructional text.
  • Effect your desired change in the placeholder text and do the formatting in your preferred style.
  • Again, go into the 'Developer' section and un-tick 'Design Mode' to put the design feature off and save your added instructional text.

Step 6: Include Protection to Your Form

This step (use of the command 'Restricting Editing') is for limiting the extent at which others can format/edit a form:

  • Open your form to go to 'Home,' click 'Select and then press CTRL+A.
  • Go into the 'Developer' tab and select 'Restrict Editing.'

Advantages of PDF Format

PDF, alternatively known as Portable Document Format, is a file format employed in presenting as well as exchanging documents dependably, without the need for software, hardware, or any operating system. PDF: which was invented by Adobe: and Word DOC are both universally accepted formats for documents. However, the former is better than the .doc format when it comes to printing high-quality documents. Also, PDF is the best format for creating online content and archiving files; due to these benefits, Portable Document Format is extremely popular worldwide. There are various programs for creating and editing PDF files; among the best is PDFelement.

This software is ideal for creating, annotating, and editing PDF documents. Also, one of its numerous uses is creating fillable PDF forms. With PDFelement, you can create interactive forms. Using a combination of buttons, you can create as well as design form fields in an interactive format with this tool. PDFelement enables you to add checkboxes, text fields, radio buttons, list boxes, combo boxes, as well as buttons for creating a fillable PDF form.

How to Create a Form in PDF Documents

You can create the form manually by following these steps:

Step 1. Open PDF

Open your PDF document in the program.

Step 2. Create a Form in PDF File

Click 'Form,' followed by the 'Add Text Field' button. Choose the appropriate file location; then, the checkbox or text field will be added. Select the 'Close Form Editing' feature and click the text field; then, start typing directly.

PDFelement offers users a fully-loaded PDF solution, including amazing features for creating, editing, converting, and signing PDF documents: everything at an affordable price. It is the best tool for digitizing your paperwork and accelerating how you create, sign as well as prepare PDF documents. Also, owing to the numerous benefits of PDF over DOC format, few of which have been mentioned above, PDFelement is the perfect option to create a fillable form.

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