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The rivalry between the MacBook and the PC laptop has been ongoing on for many years. It is as fabled as the legendary battle of David vs. Goliath. On the one hand, the MacBook, and particularly the flagship MacBook Pro, is famed for its exquisite style, exceptional build quality and lightning speed of use. On the other hand, the PC laptop, featuring the Windows operating system and manufactured by a variety of brands, is celebrated for its inexpensiveness, its accessible user interface, and the usefulness of its programs. The battle continues, with several excellent new laptops from both sides of the debate hitting the shelves in the first few months of 2016. This blog post will take a quick look at some of these newest models and the ongoing battle between the two competing formats.

MICROSOFT WINDOWS 7. INTRODUCTION: Microsoft’s most efficient and famous Operating. It's interesting at this point to note that, while the Mac market share is smaller than the PC market share, this is based on all the PC manufacturers combined. You can build a hackintosh. That will give you power of a gaming pc with Mac OS if that's what you prefer. Forget all these people blindly hating mac. Mac has some top tier programmes and and OS that some how never slows down. I still use windows but some people.

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MacBooks were first released under the guidance of Apple’s technological mastermind, Steve Jobs, in 2006. MacBooks differed from PC laptops in that they were often more expensive than their counterparts.

PC gaming historically has been credited as the best for its online multiplayer functionality. However, consoles have since aimed to catch up with improvements with in-game communication and online game sharing, which is great for playing with friends.

They also made use solely of the OS X operating system, yet featured groundbreaking aesthetic design, lightning­-quick performance, and minimal background noise.

They soon became immensely popular across the world and are currently the best-­selling laptop model worldwide, being sold under the ‘MacBook Air’ lightweight edition, the regular MacBook, and the ‘MacBook Pro’ model.

PC laptops, on other hand, first appeared on the scene in the 1990’s, specifically with the release of IBM’s seminal ThinkPad.

Since then, models such as the Sony Vaio, HP Pavilion and Acer Aspire, celebrated for their ease of use and relative inexpensiveness, have achieved millions of sales globally.

As opposed to MacBooks, PC laptops make use of the highly familiar Microsoft Windows operating system, itself featuring the Microsoft Office Suite amongst numerous other useful desktop programs.This, in turn, appeals to a wide variety of demographics: students catching up on assignments, office workers creating PowerPoint presentations, and beginners attempting to use personal computers for the very first time.

What is the difference between a Mac and a PC laptop?

When faced with a physical model of the top level 15” MacBook Pro and that of your run-of­-the­-mill PC laptop placed side­ by ­side, you will most likely spot some marked differences in aesthetics. The current line of MacBook Pros, for instance, makes profound use of a utilitarian design ethos. Featuring striking curves, expensive materials, wafer-thin bodies and the ubiquitous ‘Apple’ logo on each cover, the MacBook Pro 15” model has praised by many for its stunning beauty.

On the other hand, PC laptops enjoy the accessibility and universality of the Windows operating system, complete with easy­ to­ access menus, a straightforward folder structure and extensive customisation abilities. Nonetheless, the popularity of the iPhone and other associated Apple products swings the pendulum in favour of the MacBook Pro once more, with connection between products, connection to Apple’s iTunes Store, and uploading to the expansive file­ storage service iCloud all big draws. Performance wise, both formats feature models of impressive capability, the ​Lenovo IdeaPad Y700, for instance, boasts 16GB of RAM and a 2.6GHz Intel Core i7­6700HQ processor, while the very top­spec MacBook Pro makes use of a 2.5Ghz Quad­Core Intel Core i7 processor and AMD Radeon R9 graphics card.

In terms of resourcefulness, PC laptops offer lots to students for a relatively low price. Models such as the Dell XPS 13, priced at $799, run the latest edition of Microsoft Office Suite, perfect for writing that last­ minute essay or creating a special­ effects laden PowerPoint presentation for tomorrow’s seminar.

Furthermore, models such as the Asus Zenbook UX350, featuring a clear and responsive keyboard, a straightforward graphical user interface and excellent social integration are clear winners in terms of functionality and ease ­of­ use. Wi-Fi connectivity is also wonderfully quick and very straightforward to access. The Asus, priced at $794, is relatively cheap to purchase. The Macbook Pro (priced between $1,099 and $2,499 ), also offers several key features to attract students, including a 3­ month free trial of Apple Music, and a wealth of useful programs such as iTunes and Facetime.

Both PC laptops and the MacBook Pro have made significant strides in terms of battery life. The latest 13­inch MacBook Pro supports up to 10 hours of internet browsing, while the similarly priced Toshiba Kirabook reaches the 9 hour, 7 minute mark. Other models, such as the Lenovo ThinkPad X260 (priced at $999), the Acer Aspire One Cloudbook (priced at $218), and the Sony Vaio Z (priced at $1,549), have all been found to reach well­over the 10 hour mark of continuous web­ surfing.

Where both the Macbook Air models and Macbook Pro models appear to outperform is in their overall lifespan. The unibody aluminum shell of the latest line of MacBook Pro features, like most Apple products, very good build­quality and strength, while the products themselves come with very strong warranty agreements and the unique ability to enjoy free repairs at your nearest Apple Store.

In terms of overall performance, the highest specification MacBook Pro currently on the market, priced at $2,499, is top of the tree, featuring a 2.5Ghz Quad­Core Intel Core i7, with a AMD Radeon R9 graphics card and 16GB of internal memory. Nonetheless, cheaper PC laptop alternatives also come close. The recently­ released Dell XPS 13, for instance, packs in an Intel Core i7 processor, a Quad­HD touch display, and 8GB of internal memory, all for a mere $799. If you are in the market for something with a bit more grunt, the highly impressive Lenovo IdeaPad Y700 (priced at $1,035), with 16GB of RAM, a 2.6GHz Intel Core i7­6700HQ processor and a beautiful 15.6 backlit screen, makes the perfect companion for enjoying high­-definition video or playing power-hungry video games with online friends.

In conclusion, the choice really depends on your budget and needs. If you are after a good-­looking and lightweight laptop with an extensive battery life, the MacBook Air is an excellent choice; however it does come at a price of ​around $1000. The current line of Windows laptop PC’s, priced anywhere between $​300 for the ​Acer Aspire Notebook, and $1,799 for the Sony Vaio Z, come with all the useful Windows programs and office suites you would expect, plus a straightforward menu design and lots of options for customization. If, however, you are after the very best in laptops in 2016, the current 15” model MacBook Pro offers fantastic styling, a bright and beautiful screen and very impressive performance, though for the higher price of $2,499.

Gaming on mac vs pc

Is your system not supporting your gaming treasure properly? Well, get to know about best OS for gaming in this section here. Sometimes, operating systems might respond to all your games but eventually get slowed or do not assist you in the longer run.

To sort this issue out, you must know that whether your current OS is adequate enough to be involved with heavy gaming periods or not? To support you in the same issue, I have listed down the best gaming OS here in this section.


10 Best OS for Gaming

Being a hardcore gamer, this is something which you should be completely known to.

1). Windows 10



The first one is the newly released Windows 10 in the list of best OS for gaming. In fact, many experienced gamers are urging people to upgrade to Windows 10 because of the amazing compatibility it has for heavy games. Windows 10 is the latest product of Microsoft and already installed by more than 15 million people around the world.

When you will start playing the games like Arkham City on Windows 10, you will experience a better presentation and more frames being covered per second.

Windows 10 basically focuses on Xbox Games app and games bar. It allows you to stream your games from Xbox to PC easily. Microsoft has used DirectX12 in it which is especially put there to empower the gaming concepts more. Hence making Windows 10 the best OS for gaming.

You can expect more updates to come soon in Windows 10 which can further improve the gaming experience of users on this operating system.

2). Windows 7


Despite being Windows 10 as the reigning king of the Microsoft Empire right now, Windows 7 is still the favorite of many gamers. The most probable reason of this likeness is the simplicity of this operating system that has given a smooth platform for even the most complex games.

It would not be wrong to say that for many users, Windows 7 is still the best OS for gaming. All that gamers want is a platform that does not slow down while high gaming hours.

And Windows 7 does the same. It keeps the fast response rate so that you can play your games peacefully on it. This gaming operating system also utilizes the latest DirectX system and hence strengthens itself as a gaming platform.

What gamers like the most about this Windows is it’s easy to customize settings which in return makes the process of gaming even easier. Microsoft will withdraw support from Windows 7 in 2020 till then you can enjoy your gaming sessions on it.

3). Linux Ubuntu


Linux has come a long way since its launch, and Linux Ubuntu is the perfect example of it. Of course, people’s first choices always remain Windows and Macs, but Ubuntu is something which really deserves a try too. In fact, it is the most popular distribution of Linux till now.

If you think Linux OS comes with some complexities then you are completely wrong. Ubuntu is quite simple to use and hence listed here in the category of best OS for gaming.

Of course, you can run Linux on Windows console too but for that you need an additional emulator to support it on Windows. You are going to find it even easier to operate than Linux SuperGamer. However, I would not consider it to be a great option as compared to Windows and Macs for gaming.

What you may lack there is the information that there are very less games which are made by considering Linux to be an operating system for them.

4). Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion


There is no doubt in the fact that Apple is Microsoft’s biggest competitor right now. And of course, when it is about the technology used in putting its software and console forward, Macs can give a huge competition to any of Microsoft’s creation for sure.

One such operating system by Apple is Mac OS X 10.8 which is popularly known as Mountain Lion and amongst the best OS for gaming. The platform of OS X was launched in 1999 and had 6 iterations of the same.

All of these iterations are based on the name of big cats and Mountain lion is the last one in it. You would love this version because of basically two reasons. First one is the stability despite being flooded with multiple programs at the same time and second is its virus free system.

All of the Mac OS X are UNIX based systems which differs it from the conventional Windows based systems.

5). Steam OS


Every gamer knows it very well that how popular is Steam for the gaming freaks. This is like a whole new world for them giving endless opportunities to play millions of games on it. In fact, when you will enter this OS, it will give you a feel of a battle ground that you need to conquer with endless gaming hours.

This platform can surely called as the best OS for gaming. But like the rest of the options mentioned here, it has also got some loopholes too.

When we are comparing Steam with Windows then for sure the later one would emerge out as the hero of the story. You cannot play as many games on Steam as you can on Windows for sure. But still, if you are done with trying the rest of the OS then for a change trying out Steam would not be a bad idea at all.

Despite having some issues, Steam is still worthy enough to be included in the list of best OS for gaming.

6). Windows 8.1


If you will compare the platforms of Windows 10 and Window 8 then you will find endless similarities between the two. They might differ in the interface but the basics remains the same with a bit of upgrading included.

As I have already discussed that how Windows 10 is the best OS for gaming, the same applies to Windows 8.1 too.

However, many people have reported that Windows 8 lacks the features which make it slight inappropriate for gaming as compared to Windows 7 and Windows 10. The main thing here is the time for loading of the game which is higher as compared to the rest of the systems.

Still, when it comes to the OS by Microsoft, then best windows for gaming might include the name of Windows 8.1 in it. The only thing that lacks it behind than other versions of Windows is the interface it uses. It proves to be a bit complex when it comes to gaming. Still, if you are using it then it won’t be that bad to use it for mass gaming.


7). Linux SuperGamer


This is another one from Linux and this version of OS is called Linux SuperGamer. As it is cleared by the name only, the version is entirely dedicated to gaming only. This is a type of open source operating system which is mostly used in server administration and other works.

Like the other one of Linux system Ubuntu, SuperGamer also utilizes the concept of UNIX and its architecture is basically comprised of this only.

Now, the big question arises that why it should be called the best OS for gaming? It has high graphical interpretation which makes the gaming experience way better than other types of operating systems. However, there are less games which can be played on this OS.

But, there is a twist too. You can modify the games according to the SuperGamer platform to make them compatible to it. This makes it super perfect for being the best OS for gaming. Make sure that you already know the tactics about Linux SuperGamer otherwise it might be a bit difficult for you.

8). iOS 8


The apple phones after iPhone 6S are based on upgraded iOS systems. So, I am talking about an OS of Apple here which is a bit backward than the latest one of iOS11 which is yet to be released in some time. To be true it was this version of the apple OS which was like the revolution in gaming world.

What gives Brownie points to iOS 8 for being the best OS for gaming is the fact that it is just the perfect operating system for multitasking.

This means play your games, and do something else in continuity and your system won’t be exhausted at all. I think that is the thing which counts the most for hour long gaming sessions. iOS 8 remained the reigning king of Apple dynasty for a really long time. This really proves the fact that iOS 8 has been a great support to the gamers.

9). Android Lollipop


Best For Gaming Mac Or Pc Computer

You must have been wondering that even after the launch of better versions like Android Marshmallow and Android Nugget, why am I mentioning Android Lollipop here. Well, like the other options of this list Best OS for gaming, this version of Android has its own pros and cons.

Keeping every aspect in mind, this version was worthy enough to be included in this list. Especially, the fact that is less complex than the other ones.

Best For Gaming Mac Or Pc

What I liked the most in this OS is that you do not have to keep irritating yourself with the annoying game notifications as you can turn them off. And you can also connect it to the TV Set Top Boxes for a better gaming experience.

However, like the other best OS for gaming, there is also issue here. This one here is the compatibility issue which might be perfect for low quality games but not for other HQ ones. You can still consider it for the hassle free gaming experience.

10). Mac OS X Yosemite


The last mention in this list of Best OS for gaming is Mac OS X Yosemite. This belongs to the same trail as of the Mountain Lion but a bit backward than that. The most important thing that every Mac user should know is the fact that upgrading to Mac OS X Yosemite is absolutely free.

This gives a better promise than the paid versions of Windows 7 and 8. Yosemite easily allows phone linking which means controlling your phone from your Mac.

This is a big breakthrough for all the game lovers out there. You might still feel a little disappointed here because of course this is not as upgraded as the latest versions of Mac. There are as such not that much of issues but still the process is not that smooth as compared to the other OS listed here. Giving it a try won’t be that bad as it is free to use.

Special Mention: Windows XP


There is no doubt in the fact that Microsoft has withdrawn Windows XP long ago and there are various better versions of Windows that I have mentioned above which are very compatible to all types of latest games right now. But you cannot forget the development or rather revolution that Windows XP brought to the gaming world.

Best For Gaming Mac Or Pc Download

Of course, most of the games are not even compatible to this platform right now. But still, there was a time when it was the best windows OS for gaming for sure. Hence, it is a special mention for this Windows OS.

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There are various other Operating systems which may also prove to be advantageous for you considering the console you are using. In fact, some of the oldest OS are quite good as compared to the current ones like Windows XP.

Best Mac Gaming Setup

But, you want such best OS for gaming which not only supports each and every game but also do not end up being exhausted. Keeping every aspect in mind, I have come up with the options I mentioned above. So, by now you must have understood about the best of the OS right now.